Indian Food

India is diversified country so its cuisine, we have selected the cuisine from north India to its middle which is widely accepted as East Indian cuisine here.

We are presenting you the food from the Imperial kitchen of Mughals of Delhi, Awadhi from the hawelis of Nawabs of Lucknow, Hyderabad Cuisine from the dining hall of Nizams of Hyderabad which was a secret for a long time with the families of Chefs and followed generations to generations within families.

Taj bistro is happy to present the food from those royal kitchens on your palate along with warm welcome and world famous hospitality of India“ Mehma jo hamara hota hai wo jaan se pyara hota hai means our guests are more dear then our lives”

It is just a glace awe want to present a lot with love and respect.

Special Indian Drinks

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0101Strawberry / Mango / Pineapple Lassi$5.75
0102Rooh Afza Lassi$4.65
0104Soft Drink Of Your Choice$1.95
0105Juices Of Your Choice$2.50
0107Cold Coffee$3.95
0108Butter Milk ( Masala Chhas)$3.45

Soups and Broth

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2202Cream Tomato Soup$4.00
2204Prawn Bisque Soup$4.45
0304Chicken Almond Shorba$4.45
0303Gosht Shorba (Mutton Soup)$5.50
3301Hot & Sour Chicken soup$5.00
3305Vegitable Hot & Sour Soup$4.50


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2201Aloo Chaat$5.25
2202Dahi Bhalle$5.90
2203Papri Chaat$5.95
2204Veg Samose$5.50
2205Non-Veg Samosa$6.95
2206Chutney Puri$6.00
2207Sev Roll$6.95
2208Murg Lazeez Chat$5.95
2209Amritsari Fish Fry$6.99
2210 Prawn Salad$8.45
2211Onion Bhaji$7.00
2212Veg Pakora$7.95
2213Veg Spring Roll$5.50

Kababs From Tandoor

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0401Taj Bhatti Prawn$18.45
0402Fish Tikka$14.45
0403Mutton Seek Kabab$18.55
0404Mutton Boti Kabab$17.25
0405Achari Murg Kabab$14.95
0406Bhatti Ka Tandoori Murg (Half)$9.95
0407Bhatti Ka Tandoori Murg (Full)$19.99
0408Bhatti ka Afgani Murg (Half)$10.25
0409Bhatti ka Afgani Murg (Full)$20.50
0410Chicken Malai Seek Kabab$18.25
0411Chicken Malai Tikka$17.95
0412Chickent Tikka$16.50
0413Chickent Lahsooni Tikka$16.75
0414Tandoori Kabab Platter$27.95
0415Chicken Hariyali Tikka$17.95

Vegetarian Kababs

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0507Paneer Hariyali Tikka$13.50
0503Tandoori Gobi / Broccoli Mussallam$16.95
0505Vegetable Shashlik$14.95
0506Harabhara Kabab$13.95
0501Bhatti ka Paneer Tikka$12.95


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0601Kashmiri Rogan Josh$17.95
0602Bhuna Gosht Masale Wala$16.65
0605Gosht Vindaloo$16.25
0606Gosht Razala Kali Mirch$17.15
0615Lamb madras$17.95
0616Lamb Karahi$17.25
0617Lamb Korma$18.75
0607Chicken Sukha Pyaj$15.25
0608Butter Chicken$16.25
0609Chicken Tikka Lababdar$16.75
0610Chicken Tawa Masala$16.75
0611Chickent Taka-tak$16.25
0612Murg Karahi$17.95
0613Chicken Vindaloo$16.75
0614Chicken curry(Madras)$17.99
0618Chicken Jalfrezi$17.95
0619Chicken Korma$18.00
0620Methi Chicken$16.75
0621Palak Chicken$16.90

Treasure of the Ocean

Treasure of the Ocean
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0701Karahi Prawn$17.50
0702Tiger Prawn Coconut Masala$17.50
0703Prawn Makhani$18.50
0704Jheenga Vindaloo$18.10
0715Fish Makhani$16.75
0706Fish Curry$16.95
0707Fish Tikka Masala$15.50

Vegetables from Garden

Vegetables from Garden
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0801Vegetable Jalferezi$13.95
0802Mixed Vegetable Korma$14.00
0803Aloo Gobi Mutter Masala$12.50
0804Chana Masala$13.25
0805Dum Aloo Kashmiri$12.45
0806Poodina Aloo$11.30
0807Lahsooni Palak Paneer$14.25
0808Mutter Paneer Masala$13.15
0809Baigan Bharta$13.75
0810Kadahi Paneer$14.25
0811Paneer Lababdar$14.35
0812Paneer Makhani$13.15
0813Malai Kofta$14.00
0814Paneer Tikka Masala$14.25
0815Daal Makhani$13.35
0816Daal Tadka$13.15
0818Kaju Curry$16.50
0819Veggi cheese butter Masala$15.75
0820Rajma Curry$11.00
0821Methi Mutter Masala$11.25
0822Paneer Bhurji$13.25
0823Shahi Paneer$15.50
0824Veg Kolhapuri$13.75
0825Aloo Bhaji$10.35
0826Baby Corn Butter Masala$15.75

Side Dishes & Salads

Side Dishes & Salads
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0902Plain Fresh Yogurt$1.90
0903Fresh Green Salad$5.90
0904Paneer Tikka Salad$6.90
0905Oriented Salad$8.50


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1001Hyderabadi Biriyani$15.50
1002Lamb Biriyani$16.75
1003Jhinga Pulao$18.50
1004Subz Biriyani$13.95
1005Zafrani Rice$6.00


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1101Plain Naan$2.75
1102Rogini Naan$3.95
1103Butter Naan$4.00
1104Onion & Cheese Kulcha$4.75
1105Aloo Naan$4.75
1106Garlic Naan$4.20
1107Paneer Kulcha$4.75
1108Lacha Paratha$4.95
1113Kashmiri Naan$4.95
1114Roomali Roti$5.00
1115Tandoori Roti$3.75
1116Masala Naan$2.95
1117Coconut Naan$4.95


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1201Kulfi With Rabari$3.00
1203Chocolate Gulab Jamun$2.95
1204Gajar Ka Halwa$3.95
1205Shahi Tukra$4.50
1206Fried Ice Cream$4.95


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1Indian Cardemum Flavoured Tea$2.50
2Indian Lemon Tea$1.95
3Regular Coffee/Tea$1.85